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Handspun Yarn


I'm Amber the sheep whisperer.
I turn woolly fluff aka fibre into unique and luxurious wool works by hand...


Handspun & Hand knitted in the UK
The shades of natural undyed wool may differ slightly from fleece to fleece.


Larger quantities can be spun up on request. For more details just ask.


I'm Amber the sheep whisperer.
I turn woolly fluff aka fibre into unique and luxurious
wool works  by hand.
No two yarns are handspun the same. I'm human after all.

Everything you see here was made by me in
my smoke and mould free home.
I'm self taught in the fibre arts and forever occupied with the wool.
Nothing else matters when I'm deep in the world of woolly wonder.

The woolly fluff is sourced from unmulesed flocks.
I spin only natural, biodegradable
fibre and have no desire to outsource labour overseas.

With every purchase comes a reminder of the
pre-synthetic age human experience.

Thank you for visiting my store!

Handspun yarn, handspun wool, Shetland wool, Lendrum DT


• Orders within the UK sent by Royal Mail first class (delivery aim 1 working day).
• International orders sent by Royal Mail international standard. Proof of posting is obtained (delivery aim 5 working days).
• Orders dispatched within 1 working day.

Payment methods
Monero (XMR) - Pirate Chain (ARRR)- Bitcoin (BTC)
All payments are sent encrypted and there is no middleman.

How to order
• Send a message with your order details, preferred payment method and your location.
• You will receive an email with the total including shipping and the appropriate wallet address to send payment to.
• After the payment has been received you will receive an email confirmation and a dispatch confirmation.
It's a bit of a slow process to order but this is slow fashion after all.

No returns accepted. Please see the FAQ section for more details.

Should there be a problem at any stage please send a message and I will do my best to help.



Because I've always been the black sheep of the family.

No refunds accepted. In the unfortunate event you are unsatisfied with your order you can:
• Give as a gift
• Unravel it and make something new
• Use it in the garden as mulch.

I don't accept any form of fiat currency. For my customers who are new to cryptocurrency, I offer free consulting to get you set up safe and secure.

Handspun yarn has a human quality to it that is missing from commercially spun yarn and therefore it is my yarn of choice.  Also, it is so relaxing to sit at the wheel.

Yes. I spin the fibre into yarn  on my Lendrum DT and then knit the socks on DPNs. 

No. The breed of fleece has been carefully selected with comfort and longevity in mind.

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